Cobb Tree and Shrub Nursery Morganton, NC
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Cobb Tree & Shrub Nursery Location in Morganton, NC
Cobb Tree & Shrub Nursery Location in Morganton, NC

Welcome to COBB NURSERY by the riverside.      828.443.5098


Take advantage of great prices soÖ

We donít have to up-pot!

 Hydrangeas $10. & Ready to bloom!

Abelias $10. Bursting out & ready to go!

Blueberries $10. With berries for this year!

Sweet Shrubs $10. Look forward to sweet smells ahead!

Yellow Twig Dogwood $12.  Great winter interest!

Spirea $10.  Limey green color & pink flowers for your landscape!

            Nandina $8.           

   Pussy Willows $7.

              Yews $6.             

 Plus more, visit & check us out!

Specific names of plants on container page


Before we have to pot our plants in a bigger size


They will reward you with rapid growth.


COBB NURSERY is nestled beside the Catawba River 10 minutes northwest of the city of Morganton in western North Carolina. We proudly grow and sell high quality trees at our nursery.  At COBB NURSERY, we strive to offer first rate plants along with excellent service.  If we donít have it at our nursery, we will do all we can to locate it for you.

We would love to have the opportunity to work with you in supplying your landscape needs.  
'For more information about our trees & shrubs, check out our inventory page!'

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